To replace you’re Broken or Damaged M8 one screen housing cover with this part. Special skill and techniques required for proper installation, so if you want to replace a new one, you have to split down the phone, and you must separate the M8 screen from front housing, and then disassemble the battery. Now here we have step-by-step procedure on how to change a HTC One M8 screen. By using a Special tool we can assembly or dis assembly.

• Spudger Tool

 • Tweezers

 • Several Case Opening Tools

• Hair dryer

 • Cutter Knife

 • Small Phillips Screwdriver & T5 Screwdriver

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Toshiba encore 8comes with a quad core 1.83GHz Intel Bay Trail-class processor coupled with 2GB RAM and 32GB internal memory storage. Operating System comes with Platform window 8.1, HD Display8-inch, sports an 8MP rear and 2 MP front camera Fixed Focus HD Camera.

Have you dropped your Toshiba tablet, resultant in damage to the screen? A damaged Toshiba tablet could lead to cracks or scratches towards the exterior touch display screen, or it may appear

as blurred pixel collections or inky spots for the inner LCD display screen. Now here we have step-by-step procedure how to fix Toshiba encore 8 tablet screen. By using a Special tool we can assembly as well as dis-assembly.

Dis-assembly Procedure:

Step 1: Remove the device's back cover along with pull the main battery

Step 2: Loosen any stuck-on cabling that is now open, similar the camera cable, for e.g. Then get rid of cables if the clasps are exposed. These cables simply slide out of any exposed sockets after clasps are released.

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Welcome to Phones and Computers – The most trusted iPhone repair & Service Center in UK

Gadgets we Repair:

iPhone 3g  – Screen repair  repair

iPhone 3G – Cracked screen repair

iPhone 3G – Battery won’t charge repair

iPhone 3G – Water damage repair

iPhone 3G – Software fixes – repair

iPhone 3G – iPhone Unlocking – repair

iPhone 3G – Non-working handsets – repair

iPhone 3G – Keypad Failure repair

iPhone 3G – Camera issues – repair

iPhone 3G – Home Button / Power Button repair

iPhone 3G – Mic / Speaker repair repair

iPhone 3G – Special Team to repair Apple Gadgets

iPhone 3G – Mobile Phone Battery Problems repair

iPhone 3G – Data Recovery for iPhone & Android Handsets

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If you've updated to iOS 7.1.2 and find yourself experiencing Wi-Fi Problem on your iPhone you aren't alone. Many users are facing and reported Wi-Fi issues that range from not being able to connect to any network and  only having issues with specific networks. If that had sounds like a problem you're having after updating, here are a few more steps you can try to return Wi-Fi like normal again!


Start doing how to fix Wi-Fi issues on your iPhone

Step 1: Many times Wi-Fi issues can be solved by just forgetting and re-joining a Wi-Fi network again.

If re-joining the network it doesn't solve the problem, move on to next step.

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We provide for iPhone 6 Repair Services:

iPhone 6 Screen Repair

iPhone 6 Digitizer Repair

iPhone 6 Speaker Problems or Repair

iPhone 6 Liquid Damage Repair

iPhone 6 Headphone Sockets

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